We make NFTs for influencers.

Freeze the moment and share it
with your followers.

Why create your own NFT with us?

Raise funds

Collect money for your projects while promoting your personal brand. Without any third party companies and complicated arrangements.

Stand out from others

NFT from influencers and content creators - it's still a blue ocean. Don't waste the opportunity to be one of the first ones.

Engage your fans

Let your followers collect your personalized items and boost their engagment.

Portfolio of the future

Since Zuckerberg's conference everybody knows that mete-verse will be a big thing. Prepare your content and be ready when it becomes present.

Bond with followers

Now you can interact with your followers through NFT technology. Completely new channel of communication.

Give something back

With NFT technology you can return something back to the community. Let your followers collect funds by reselling your content.

How it works?

Creating your own NFT and share it with your followers in four easy steps.

  1. #1 Everything starts with you!

    First million followers, new car, boyfriend, girlfriend, you name it. Special moment to share is the first thing to start. You can choose the perfect photo, video, gif, etc. or you can just share an idea with us and we'll do the rest.

  2. #2 Your own digital wallet.

    Now you need to create a digital wallet. Is it something like bank account, only on blockchain. It is crucial to create wallet yourself for safety reasons (only you can know your password). It is free, easy and we'll guide you step by step
    (if you already have your Metamask wallet you can skip it)

  3. #3 It's time for our magic.

    Your work is done! You can sit with your favorite drink and wait as we do our job. In most simple words our development team transforms your creative into NFT and places it on blockchain. From now on your work will be on the blockchain forever and everyone will know that you are the author.

  4. #4 Share it with your followers.

    The last stage is sharing your NFTs with your followers. We create a special page where they can mint your creation and own it - directly from you. Every transaction is public so they can brag about it and resell it on multiple marketplaces.

Talking about us.

What is NFT?

Imagine signing a photo for your follower. If it's on blockchain, it's NFT - Non-fungible Token. It freezes a moment by technology. This is the same disruptive moment as what Uber did to the taxi business and AirBnb did to the hotel business, if not more. It's the future of ownership and collectibles - a perfect way to go digital for you and your fans.


The value of the NFTs is always increasing due to their scarce nature. It's a limited collection for you and your followers.


The information regarding the NFTs cannot be altered and it provides the certification for the authenticity of the digital assets. Think of it like a digital autograph of your photo. There is only one in the world.


NFTs is the way to go in 2022. It's the simple way for you and your followers to earn by investing in you, as an influencer. It's as disruptive as Facebook or Uber - why not capitalize this time?

Are you ready for your first NFT?

It'll take you 5 minutes from here

Your personal IPO

IPO stands for Initial Public Offer - it's a moment when a company decides to raise funds through selling shares on stock market.

NFTs launch works like IPO for your personal brand. Initial price is set by you. After that it's determined by the market, based on your popularity and promotion. You can say that each NFT you create works like your personal stock market index.

It's time to monetize your popularity without promoting any other companies, any complicated arrangements and starting long term commitment.

Everything starts and ends when you say so. All the money is transferred directly to your wallet without any middleman.

We stimulate market to be more eco-friendly🌿

You probably heard that blockchain technology is bad for environment and for most solutions it's true. We decided to break this standards.

In Deseo we use and promote newest, high energy efficient technology which has even better capabilities than others.

In other words if everyone used our primary technology (Polygon Network) electrical energy consumed by blockchain around the world would be reduced by 99%!

Technology partners

Another way of helping

There is never enough ways of helping others. We bring NFT technology to charities so they can explore a new way of crowdfunding.
If you have a charity foundation contact us (by clicking "Learn more" below) and unlock truly transparent donations.


You asked we answered

NFTs bring so many versatile features from blockchain to the content business, this is the same disruptive moment as what Uber did to the taxi business and Airbnb did to the hotel business, if not more.

A crypto wallet is used to store cryptocurrency and retrieve digital assets. Your wallet proves your ownership of your digital money and assets, and allows you to make transactions (sell your NFT to someone else).

Blockchain is the biggest thing to happen to the internet since the iPhone. It will reshape how we use and interact with digital worlds. But for this technology to realize its real-world potential, it needs to, y’know, be used. By people. Real people, in the real world—not just industry insiders and early adopters.

We, plus a lot of analysts, strongly believe that the market will go up significantly. Buying NFTs is a win-win situation for you and your followers. Since every crypto price will raise since the bottom in 2021, whatever is raised for you, as an influencer, will be worth a lot more in 6-12 months – for you and for your followers.

Mostly, we prefer Polygon. It’s one of the most eco-friendly chain with low gas fees. We also operate on Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche.

99% of the time, it’s free. We’re commission-based service that doesn’t need any upfront costs. The only charges might occur if you want to use our graphic designers to create the NFTs. If you provide them yourself, it’s free. Contact us to get more information about the service.

Deseo is worldwide!

We're a remote team working all around the world - Dubai, Bangkok, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Bogota and Rio de Janeiro. Please follow the link below to contact the representative for your region.

Who are we?

Karol Gileta

CEO & Co-Founder

Mateusz Patyra

CTO & Co-Founder

Piotr Szaciński

Blockchain Developer

Be ready for metaverse!

Facebook's changed its name to Meta. Over 10M people attended to Justin Bieber's concert in metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg, on his famous conference, said that metaverse will be the future of the internet.
Is it right the right time to join?

Actually no one knows the answer to this question but it's always better to be prepared. Creating your own NFTs with Deseo you don't have to wonder.

Each NFT we create for you can be easily transferred to metaverse. So when the right time comes you'll be ready.
As one of the US senators ones said: "It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared."

Help us build the future of Web3

We're always looking for ambitious and experienced developers and graphic designers to join our remote team. Learn more about us or see current openings to join us!


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Join our newsletter and be up to date with our work!


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