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Below you will find the list of positions that we are actively recruiting for. If you're a graphic designer or blockchain developer, feel free to contact us with your portfolio anytime.

At the moment, we are looking for:

Blockchain Developer (Solidity)


Job Description

We are looking for a Blockchain Developer (Solidity) capable of implementing Smart Contracts for the company as per the business requirements, that are used to support the general ecosystem of corporations and funding processes, as well as perform integration and off chain activities using 3rd party APIs or our own (Blockchain read/write services).



• Implement/maintain the existing company/clients’ Smart Contracts (release upgrades, provide statistical data, troubleshoot transactions etc.).
• Implement enterprise level Smart contracts for clients to serve specific business requirements and provide blockchain services to clients’ applications.
• Execute customized Smart Contracts which serve as proof of an off-chain activity on chain and use the implementation as proof for performing other actions (e.g., proof that a KYC action was done for a token AirDrop or a Crowdsale Smart Contract).
• Implement Oracle logic allowing creation of contracts for fiat-crypto price tickers or similar logic.
• Deploy smart contracts in a systematic way (truffle or similar) which can be reused in CI/CD pipelines for testing purposes (like on Ropsten, or BSC Testnet).
• Execute Multi Chain bridging and wrapped tokens or integrate L2 solutions to solve gas related issues.
• Implement unit testing and mocking of smart contract logic or activities and provide results/reports to QA engineers.
• Analyze gas usage of Smart Contracts and contract function calls and assist app developers to calculate transaction fees cross different blockchains for internal wallet application.
• Research updates and security issues appearing with different EIPs and their implementations, like double spending problems, re-entrant code and similar, and suggest possible remediations.
• Research compatibility of certain Smart Contracts implementations with 3rd party services (other blockchains, other Smart Contracts or services) such as decentralized exchanges.
• Implement/Integrate webhooks or push notifications with backend developers to feed data from blockchain transactions to systems such as Events emitted during transaction mining, or notifications that a wallet has received tokens (sample tools: Eventeum).
• Execute scripted actions on blockchains for bulk action execution, market making or similar.


• Bachelors’ Degree or higher in Information Technology related studies.
• A minimum of 4 years’ experience developing enterprise applications.
• A minimum of 2 years’ experience with Solidity and writing Smart Contracts, preferably non-ERC20 tokens.
• Level 3 English or higher 
• Experience with blockchain development tools and services, such as Truffle, Blockchain Transaction Scanners, Remix IDE, Solhint, and similar.
• Experience with Blockchain Gas estimation endpoints (like Etherscan gas oracle API and EtherGasStation) and calculating gas in different blockchains and forks (like London fork for Ethereum).
• Familiarity with transaction receipts and logs, and how to decode events and revert reasons form them.
• Skilled in setting up blockchain nodes particularly Ethereum based, such as Geth, Parity, Ganache, and similar.
• Experience writing Smart Contract unit test and executing tests on deployed Smart Contracts (using truffle migrations, Remix and/or scripting).
• Skilled in writing scripts to read transactions, write transactions, check node status, check DEX liquidity pools and similar using Bash, Python, or any scripting/programming language.
• Understanding of MultiSignature wallets/Multisig Smart Contracts and how Multisig works in general.
• Familiarity with DEXs like Uniswap and Pancakeswap and how liquidity pools are created, and liquidity is added/removed, and how trenches work.
• Understanding modern and trending topics related to blockchain like Stablecoins, NFTs, Asset-backed tokens etc.


• Experience with Solidity security and auditing tools like “MythX”, “Mithril”, “MadMax”, “Manticore” and similar.
• Skilled in setting up blockchain webhooks with tools like Eventeum for Ethereum.
• Experience working with different blockchains using Bridges and provide interoperability between Public blockchains (like Ethereum) and Private/Permissioned ones (like Hyperledger fabric).


• Please provide Code Sample – GitHub account, Stackoverflow public profile etc. (If NDA protected, please provide ANY code. The purpose is to check the structure, logging, documentation, error handing…etc.)

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