How an automotive influencer created a NFT collection to give back to charity?

Welcome to our example case of how you can make a difference for you and the world for free.

We created.

Below you will see how we created the images for the NFT images based just on a list of cars selected by #ZaDuzoMocy. To be honest, one of the best cars ever.

We coded.

Without having to bore you with all the boring coding, you will see how the actual collection is created on the blockchain. It's not magic, it's us.

We gave back.

This collection is made just for charity purposes. All proceeds coming from the sales are going straight to the foundation chosen by #ZaDuzoMocy.


Automotive influencer @ZaDuzoMocy approached us with an idea of creating a collection of his favorite cars. After a quick call, we got to work on the NFTs and the blockchain contract. This project is called CryptoCars by ZDM.







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Chapter 1

The graphics

We were provided with a list of 10 cars close to the heart of @ZaDuzoMocy. Our research team set out to find the perfect examples of photos that could be transformed into vector graphics by our design team.

You can see the difference below. We think, it turned out great. We did it for both – the front and the back of the car. Notice the small detail of #ZDM logo on the numberplate. Cute, isn’t it?

Chapter 2

The collection

Our task was to create 100 unique images with only one having a special privilege – a watermark allowing the NFT owner to have a drive in one of the cars owned by @ZaDuzoMocy. To generate the unique images, we recommended using different backgrounds for all the pictures and agreed on 10 colourful gradients.

The rest was the magic of coding and the first step was completed – 100 unique NFTs with quality pictures and metadata. Notice the small sign in the bottom right of the picture. If you see this on your NFT, you’re the winner.

Chapter 3

The contract

We agreed on using the Polygon blockchain for the collection which is the most eco-friendly with low gas fees (a couple of cents, compared to tens or even hundreds of dollars on Ethereum). The smart contract was created and published on the blockchain.

In the meantime, we created a minting website which allowed users to simply connect their MetaMask wallet and get their NFT for a small fee of 2 MATIC

Chapter 3

The charity

As discussed with @ZaDuzoMocy, this NFT collection was a non-profit event and all the proceedings were donated to charity. As we also love spreading love, our whole commission was also sent to the people in need.

Chapter 4

The market

The last step is to provide a marketplace for all the NFT owners to be able to sell and buy the collection of CryptoCars by ZDM. Our choice is one of the biggest websites – OpenSea. The whole collection is available there for anyone wanting to get ahold of one of the CryptoCars.

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As you can see, it’s easy to combine being an influencer with good causes. Plus – you can do it in an innovative way, the crypto way. Feel free to contact us to create a similar NFT collection that benefits you and your influencers.

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Za Duzo Mocy