How Logan Paul changed the influencer NFT world with his Polaroid collection?

If you want to learn more how 99 NFTs that generated over 2 million dollars so far and changed influencer NFT world, this case study is for you.

The Influencer

Who is Logan Paul?

logan paul 99 originals nft collection

You can love him or hate him but as far as we talk about the statistics, Logan Paul is the goat. He’s a 27 year old American YouTuber with over 23 million followers on Instagram and YouTube.

Recently he’s taken up boxing and fought other famous YouTuber KSI and one and only Floyd Mayweather. Apart from all the challenges, the one he’s pursuing now is the NFT world. Even though he’s the owner of a CryptoPunk and a Bored Ape, now he created his own NFT collection – 99 Originals.

The NFT Collection

99 Originals

The collection consists of 99 Polaroid photos shot by Logan Paul. Each NFT gives access to DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) created by the author. Some of them have special privileges like having an access to Logan’s next fight, being a guest on his podcast or accompanying him on the next UFC event.

The NFT owners receive the Polaroid itself, plus a high definition picture. The funds don’t go straight to Logan’s pocket, some of it goes to the liquidity pool of the DAO – the owners can decide what is going to happen with all the money raised. Plus Logan provides a CryptoPunk and a Bored Ape into the liquidity pool. Does it change the influencer world?

How much did Logan earn?

The money

The biggest question is how much did Logan Paul raise from 99 Originals? At the moment of writing this article, he sold 64 of his NFTs for a total of 1740 ETH which is over $2.5M.

That means an average NFT was sold for over 25 ETH which is almost $40000. Bear in mind that when Ethereum is back to it’s all time high, the value so far would be over 8 million dollars!

What can you do with the NFT?

The use

Each NFT has a weight of 1 of 99 in deciding what is the DAO of 99 Originals going to do. What exactly does it do? We don’t know. We can only imagine different investments by the owners of NFTs since the budget of DAO is over a million dollars.

As we mentioned previously, some NFTs are special. You can join Logan on his next fight, you can be a guest on his next podcast or you’re the owner of 1% of the PRIME energy drink. Not to mention being in the presence of other NFT owners that have (on average) almost 40 000 dollars to join the 99 Originals club.

Influencers can help as well

The charity

We adore people that help good causes. Logan Paul decided to share the profits from 99 Originals. To be exact, so far 4 NFTs that amount to almost 80 ETH which is over almost 120K dollars (at the moment of writing this article) were donated to charity.

For example, the proceeds from NFT #11 is going to be donated towards NYC based philanthropy to be voted on by DAO. If you’re one of 99 owners of 99 Originals, you can vote where the funds will go.

You can be Logan Paul


Logan Paul changed the world of influencer NFTs with 99 Originals. It’s not another boring collection – it’s something that people can use.

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