We're proud of the NFTs we created.

Although we can't share everything that we created, here are some examples of the work we did.

How we do it?

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NFTs on polygon


Automotive influencer @ZaDuzoMocy approached us with an idea of creating a collection of his favorite cars.

We were provided with a list of 10 cars close to the heart of @ZaDuzoMocy and turned them into 100 unique NFTs.

They were sold out without minutes and the best part is that all the proceeds went straight to charity. What’s more, one lucky NFT owner got a chance to drive in one of @ZaDuzoMocy’s cars.

Our work

Our tasks were to prepare the graphics from just a list of cars, create 100 unique NFTs from them and publish the contract on the blockchain. We also provided the NFT minting site for the followers for get the NFTs.







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