We make NFTs.

But what exactly is it? What is the process? Here you will find the answer.

The TL;DR version.

Simple process to create your own NFTs with Deseo

Deseo is here to help you benefit from the NFTs. We create and code everything for you. This is the time to use the blokchain to give value for you followers.


We get the pictures from you or we design them. Then we create a collection of unique images with special metadata.


We create a special smartcontract on blockchain that has all the data about your NFTs. We provide a custom website for your followers to get them.


After your NFT sale is completed, you will automatically get the proceeds to your cryptocurrency wallet. Easy, safe and fast.

The detailed process.

If you want to know more about the whole process, take a look below. We have 6 simple steps that will take you from the beginning to the end of the whole NFT creation process.


We talk.

First of all, we want to get to know you. What are your needs and who are your followers. What types of NFTs do you want to. What blockchain should we use.

We need to know the answers to all this questions before we begin. Than we can start doing our magic.


We design.

If you don’t have an image for your NFT, don’t worry. Our team of graphic designers is here to help.

We guarantee to provide you the quality images so that your followers can be proud to have them.


We code.

The hardest part is coding. Your NFTs need to have correct metadata and the contract on the blockchain needs to be secured.

Our team of experienced blockchain developers is here to provide all the code necessary. If you’re not a geek, don’t worry – we also have some non-geek programmers in our team.


We publish.

After the smartcontract is published on the blockchain, we’re ready to give you a website on which your followers can get your NFTs.

We’re experienced in creating websites that connect to the blockchain that are easy to operate. Simply connect your wallet, click one button and NFT is yours.


We sell.

Last step in the process of creating a collection is providing a place where your followers can buy or sell your NFTs.

We operate on one of the biggest NFT marketplaces – OpenSea. If your followers treat your NFT as an investment, they will be able to sell them here.


We give.

Last but not least is giving. After your NFT collection sale is completed, you’ll automatically see all the proceeds on your cryptocurrency wallet. It’s written in the blockchain contract.

Plus you will automatically get royalties when somebody sells your NFT. Not bad, isn’t it?

We also give back. Part of our earnings is donated to charity. You can also do it.

See the options by clicking link below.

If you're ready to create your NFT collection, contact us!

We’re ready to create an unique plan for you! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message!